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What is EROSS?

The KRDB Research Centre for Knowledge and Data at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy, organizes the “ER Online Summer Seminars” (EROSS-2020), an interdisciplinary series of online seminars featuring world-class speakers from areas such as Ontology, Data Semantics, Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, Cognitive Sciences, and Logics, but with the ultimate goal of contributing to the theory and practice of the discipline of Conceptual Modelling.

EROSS is an event affiliated with the International Conference on Conceptual Modeling (ER), and it is organized in the context of the Bolzano Summer of Knowledge (BOSK-2020).

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When will it happen?

The talks will happen every Wednesday at 16:00 (Rome time, i.e., GMT+2). Please, remember to check out the seminar schedule for your local time.

The series starts on Wednesday, June, 24th and will continue weekly until the week before the 39th edition of the ER conference, which is planned between November 3-6, 2020 in Vienna, Austria.

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How can I participate? How much does it cost?

The seminars are open and the registration is free to everyone. Prior to the seminar, the link to access the live event on Microsoft Teams is sent via e-mail to all registered attendees and posted on the list of upcoming seminars.

Even though it is not mandatory, we highly recommend that attendees register to EROSS in order to be notified with links updated to seminars, news, and bonus contents.

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How can I watch the seminar?

The online seminars will be accessible by everyone as Microsoft Teams Live Events – no account is needed. A compatible browser can be used (latest versions of Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, or Firefox), or Microsoft Teams can be freely downloaded for both desktop and mobile platforms.

By clicking on the uploaded link, you should open the following page, where your browser may ask if you wish to (B) open your installation of Microsoft Teams or not (A).

If you choose to cancel (A), you will have the options of (C) downloading the application, or (D) watching the event on your browser.

By choosing to watch the event on your browser, you have both options of (E) watching logged into your Microsoft Teams account, or (F) joining the event anonymously.

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Are the seminars recorded?

Yes, the seminars are recorded and hosted on Microsoft Teams from the moment the seminar ends, including access to the questions submitted during the event. To access it, you can either use the original link to the live seminar or check out the list of previous seminars.

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What about the slides and bibliography?

Soon after every seminar, we update the program page with the list of previous seminars, adding the speaker’s slides and suggested bibliography.

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Why am I not getting updates on seminars and news?

Some attendees (mainly users of Microsoft Outlook) have reported that our communications were misidentified as spam.

While we work to solve this issue, please check your spam filters and make sure to list the EROSS e-mail address ( as a safe sender (Microsoft Outlook users can click here to know more).

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Can I get a certificate of attendance?

Yes, but make sure you always attend or watch the seminars logged in with your MS Teams account.

You will be able to request your certificate of attendance in November 2020, when the series is over. To request it, send an email to containing:

  • Your full name
  • The MS Teams account you used to watch the seminars
  • A list of the seminars you attended

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